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Weekly Legal Mailbox

Week 47, 2021 | International Legal News | UN Countries Adopt First International Agreement on ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics’

Week 47, 2021 | National Legal News | Student Protests:  Call for Enforcing Road Safety Measures

Week 48, 2021 | International Legal News | Future Pandemic Treaty: Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response

Week 49, 2021 | International Legal News | Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ): Worldwide Record Number of Journalists Behind Bars in 2021

Week 49, 2021 | International Legal News | Rohingya Refugees Sue Facebook for $150bn over Myanmar Violence

Week 50, 2021 | National Legal News | Bangladesh’s Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index Drops for the 5th Consecutive Year

Week 50, 2021 | International Legal News | Argentina Court to Investigate Myanmar’s Genocide Case

Week 1, 2022 | International Legal News | UN Expert Emphasizes the Importance of Human Rights for Rohingya

Week 2, 2022 | National Legal News | Air Quality Index: Dhaka World’s Most Polluted City

Week 3, 2022 | International Legal News | Bangladesh Takes up the Presidency of the UN Women Executive Board for the First Time

Week 3, 2022 | International Legal News | Human Rights Watch’s World Report 2022

Week 5, 2022 | National Legal News | Someshwari River on the Verge of Extinction

Week 5, 2022 | International Legal News | Issue of Genocide Committed in Bangladesh by Pakistani Army in 1971 raised at UN Security Council by India

Week 7, 2022 | National Legal News | State’s Step to Ensure its Positive Responsibility: DNCC starts excavating illegally occupied canals in Dhaka

Week 27, 2022 | International Legal News | The Esperanza Protocol: First International Protocol to Respond to threats against Human Rights Defenders

Week 31, 2022 | International Legal News | Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (The Gambia v Myanmar)

Week 33, 2022 | International Legal News | Human Right to Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Environment: UNGA adopts Landmark Resolution


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